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Poznaj interpretację Twoich wyników badań laboratoryjnych - szybko i bez wychodzenia z domu!


Interpretacja wyników badań


After receiving your test results, do you wonder about the interpretation?

After receiving the test results, the patient wonders about their interpretation, the significance of the identified deviations. In case of correct results, questions arise: Why is the result close to the cut-off value? What kind of lifestyle should you lead? How to eat and what influences particular parameters?

Receiving an interpretation

In order to receive an interpretation, please attach files with the results of laboratory tests on our website or enter them manually after selecting the desired package. Files in .pdf as well as .jpg (i.e. a photo of the obtained results in a paper form) are supported.

You provide information about yourself

In addition, you should add information about age, gender (to personalize the interpretation of the results) and an email address to which a link with the interpretation of the test will be sent. No sensitive data such as name, surname, PESEL number or address of residence are saved in the system.

Reading the results

BloodLab reads the test results from the file and displays them on the screen. In the case of identified irregularities (e.g. poor photo quality), the system will ask you to correct the data. In order to ensure the proper quality, consistency and completeness of the data, the "Validate" function is available.

Interpreting the results

When the data is ready, the next step is to select the appropriate interpretation panel, i.e. based on the parameters provided, the system suggests which panels can be interpreted together with the price for individual panels.

Discount codes and interpretations available

After selecting the panel or panels for analysis, it is possible to add a discount code, if one has been previously provided. The system also checks the availability of interpretation, i.e. in some rare cases, interpretation may not be possible at this stage, such information will appear on the screen.

Convenient payment methods


Analysis through advanced algorithms

After payment, the results of laboratory tests, age and gender are analyzed using algorithms created by medical specialists and a database of millions of historical studies. The results are analyzed by many physicians at the same time.

Receiving an interpretation

The last step is getting the interpretation. In the case of immediate payment, it will be displayed on the screen and sent to the email address. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the interpretation will be sent after the funds are credited.

Test results in PDF format

The results of the system operation are available at the link sent for a period of 3 months, but you can save the results at any time by generating a file in .pdf format